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Southern Circuit

Selous Game Reserve

Named after the hunter/explorer Fredrick Courtney Selous, Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest wildlife reserve and most extensively protected area. A proclaimed world heritage site, covering an area of 45,000 square kilometers; vegetation includes savannah wooded grassland, and deciduous "Miombo" woodland.

World's largest population of buffalo and biggest elephant population in Tanzania. Other wildlife highlights include Africa's last remaining black rhino populations. There are over 350 species of bird, 2000 plant species and reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards.
Common features include thorn bushes, ground water forests as well as rocky out-crops (kopjes).

Ruaha National Park

The park derives its name from the great river that flows along its border, creating a maze of spectacular gorges. Comparative inaccessibility has ensured that Ruaha national Park has remained virtually unchanged, unaffected by the ravages of mankind. Tanzania's second largest park located in the Miombo woodland of Southern highlands region of Tanzania Second largest elephant population in Tanzania (after Selous Game Reserve) estimated at over 10,000.

The park hosts large herds of buffaloes, great and lesser kudus, Grant's gazelles, wild dogs, ostriches, leopards, lions, cheetahs, roan and sable antelopes, hartebeest. More over 350 different bird species including doves, shrikes, African cuckoo, green wood hoopoe, spotted eagle owl, brown parrot, European white stork and many more


Close enough to Dar-es-Salaam to make it an excellent day trip option (approximately 4 hour drive on good roads).  Located north of the Selous, Mikumi is one of the most secretive parks in Tanzania  The park is contiguous with the Selous Game Reserve and acts as a wildlife corridor thereby making for excellent game viewing.  Over 300 species of birds have been sighted in this park.


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