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Western Circuit

Katavi National Park

Tanzania’s third largest and legendary wilderness: remote, free and undisturbed, also one of the few parks in Africa with the highest biodiversity. Dominated by Miombo savannah at its purest is a home to large herds of both sable and Roan antelopes.

Buffalo, elephant and zebra are most abundant and the herds of buffalo are often the triple size of that of Serengeti. Katavi’s many pools Tanzania densest concentrations of hippo and crocodile. Also the most poisonous snake on the continent that grows up to a dazzling 4meters the black mamba is also a resident of this park.

Mahale National Park

It is dominated by mountains and forest with a huge variety of plants; no less than 1,200 species have been recorded. More than 10 different species of numerous and varied primates.

Gombe Park

One of the smallest of Tanzania’s national park and a haven for researchers due to large groups sizes of at least 40 chimps. Herbivores and carnivores are rarity on the steep rift wall and its fringes, making Gombe a dreamland for walking safaris.

Other present primates are the red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and the colobusses. Over 200 bird species fly around varying from the African crowned eagle that hunt monkeys, to the iconic fish eagle and palm-nut vulture.


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